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President's Message

June is upon us, and it is hard to believe that our program year is rapidly coming to a close. We have accomplished much this year, including clarifying our mission, vision, core values, and critical goals. We have updated our by-laws and policies in areas where it was much-needed. New members have joined and amazing women have been nominated and won awards in our community. It has been such a fun year of seeing different perspectives through the eyes of some inspiring people in our community. We have heard from:
  • A 99-year-old women who gave us tips on staying young and vibrant;
  • A gentleman who left his comfortable middle-class life to move into the most dangerous west-side neighborhood in order to effect change from the inside out;
  • A female dairy farmer who seeks to balance sustainability in the environment, human health, animal treatment, and her innovative business;
  • Two women seeking to bring radical change to way we approach educating students in RPS205
  • A family counselor who challenged us to embrace vulnerability as our strength as leaders
  • Two lifelong learners who have benefitted from our RNPW scholarship in past years and are seeking to better our community regardless of age or challenges


We also enjoyed a great kick-off party at Mary’s Market and Christmas Party at University Club. Thanks to the amazing leadership of the committee chairs and their committee, we also held our most successful Professional Development Workshop yet where we were challenged to examine our story in order to understand how it has influenced our leadership. 54 high school young women leaders joined us from area high schools and interacted with RNPW members. More than $6300 was raised for our scholarship fund, and last week, we got to honor one deserving recipient with a $2500 scholarship.
It has truly been a joy to serve as President this year with such a strong board of capable women and such an inspiring network of women. Thank you for taking this journey with us! I hope you will join us for one last meeting in June as Jennifer Smith shares her "Perspective From a Bicycle.” We will also vote on changes to the by-laws and a new slate of leaders for our next program year. Thanks again for the way each of you inspire me and other women to become all we were created to be!

Tiffany Staman



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Member News

2018 RNPW Scholarship Recipient:  Cally McNeely


Cally McNeely is the proud recipient of this year’s 2018 Scholarship Award. She and her husband reside in Winnebago, IL. The curriculum of Dave Ramsey has been influential within their financial planning, especially in the area of education. Cally received her Associate’s Degree from Rock Valley College and is currently attending Aurora University. She has training in safety care having also earned paraprofessional and CPR certificates. She serves, within a supervisory role, at Mother House in Rockford, IL. Her skills and talents are being used to make a positive difference for those within her sphere of influence. She is an excellent leader within the field of Social Work.

Here are a few more pictures from the May luncheon:




See you at the June luncheon - Members will be voting on a few amendments (see attached) to the bylaws and new officers for 2018/2019!


Did you know?



RNPW Mission Statement

Rockford Network of Professional Women exists to encourage professional and personal growth for all women through education, mentorship, and networking in order to serve one another and our community.

Core Values
1. Hospitality
2. Inclusivity
3. Relational
4. Respectful
5. Inspirational
6. Positivty
7. Empowering
8. Growth



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Website Tips and Tricks

A member benefit of RNPW is to have access to a member directory so connections can be made before and after meetings (and throughout the summer).  Reminder that with our new website, members are able to access the directory in real-time (when new members join, they immediately get added to the directory).  That is the major reason that a printed directory is no longer provided.

To access the Member Directory -- Click the Member Area menu on the left of the screen and enter your member login & password.  Click the Login button.  On the left side of screen there is now all the Member Area menu access is in orange.  Click the "Member Directory" at the top of that list.  All members are listed in alphabetical order by last name

To print the entire directory, go to the bottom of the page and choose the "rows per page" drop-down menu as 200.  Then at the top of the page, there is a printer icon that can be clicked so the entire directory can be printed.

To look up only certain categories of members (like medical or accounting, etc.), choose the drop-down menu under the "Filter by" from "Member Groups" at the top of the page and click as many categories as you wish.  Then click the "Refresh" button and only the members that are in those "groups" will be listed.

To look for only a certain member by name or company, first clear any other lists that have been chosen or just click the "Alphabetical Listing" button again to bring back the entire member roster.  Then type in any portion of a member's name or company name in the "Search" box and click "Search".  Then click into the member's name and more detailed information will show about that member.

If any further help is needed or suggestions to be offered, please email for assistance.



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Calendar of Events

The 2017/2018 theme was Perspective...Changes Everything. In the final luncheon of the year, we learn how Jennifer Smith's perspective is:

Perspective....A View from a Bicycle

June 18, 2018
11:30 AM CDT - 1:00 PM CDT

Forest Hills Country Club
5135 Forest Hills Road
Rockford , IL 61107
Venue website

Speaker Jennifer Smith and then voting for our 2018-2019 Officers



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Welcome New Members

RNPW Growth for 2017-2018! 

What another fantastic year of membership growth in RNPW!  As the second full year of integrated website and membership database from StarChapter, the ease of joining RNPW and following up on guests continued to be excellent! 

We measure our membership numbers on our fiscal year which is from June to July (renewal notices are emailed July 1 with payment due thru September 30).  The 2015-2016 year had a total of 118 members; 2016-2017 year had a total of 136 members; and 2017-2018 thru May 31 has 140 members that joined/renewed! 

The Membership committee is elated with current members' enthusiasm to help spread the word about RNPW!  With the fantastic programming as well as continuing with the easily accessible website/newsletter/communications, so many members reached out to former members as well as invited new prospects to meetings and events. 

The updated website continues to be an easy way to attract the attention of guests and convenient section to join immediately as a member or the meeting section to register for attendance at meetings.  Once registered and on a guest list, the refreshed newsletter is sent conveniently from the integrated database keeping members and guests alike current with information. 

The website is full of information that is worth exploring for everything about RNPW.  The Member Area is a super useful tool that contains the Member Directory which is real-time and is never out of date; members also can update their bios and any profile information they choose to be published or hidden from the directory; company news can be submitted from the site; prospects can also be submitted; each member can view their registration information past and future.

Membership growth is not just dependent upon a membership chairperson and committee, it is a collaborative effort of every woman who is proud to be involved in such a dynamic group that we call Rockford Network of Professional Women!



Veronica Corey, Retail Wireless Consultant
US Cellular

Ann Dempsey, Attorney
Oliver Close, LLC

Zonera Khalid, Retail Wireless Consultant
US Cellular

Jennifer Reisinger, Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

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Thank you for reading!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!


Sue Snyder

Communications Chair, Rockford Network of Professional Women

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