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Perspective....A View from a Bicycle

Speaker Jennifer Smith and then voting for our 2018-2019 Officers
June 18, 2018 | 11:30 AM CDT

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September 2017 RNPW Newsletter Print

President's Message

In what seems like the blink of an eye, summer came and went. Many of us have been packing away beach towels and packing up kids heading back to college. The apple orchard is opening up and nights are cooling down, signaling fall is officially knocking at our door. And with fall comes a brand new year for Rockford Network of Professional Women.


We will launch our new year with an evening kick-off on September 18 at 5:00 at the newly remodeled banquet space at Mary Market on State. You will not want to miss this evening of networking with amazing women and enjoying delectable hors d’oeuvres and desserts.


Our program committee has been hard at work this summer, and they will unveil our speakers for the year, each of whom will bring a unique slant to our theme “Perspective… Changes Everything!”


Recently, the board strategized, processed, drafted, and approved our official mission statement: Rockford Network of Professional Women exists to encourage professional and personal growth for all women through education, mentorship, and networking in order to serve one another and our community. I am not sure which piece of that statement resonates most with you or what motivates you to participate with RNPW, but it is my hope that this year is one of growth for you. We are here to support you on your journey by creating a dynamic organization that connects, empowers and inspires you, and we hope that you take full advantage of all Rockford Network has to offer.


See you September 18th!


Tiffany Staman



 “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” - Brene Brown 

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Welcome New Members

As we look forward to the new 2017-2018 Program year, here is a wonderful statistic from the 2016-2017 year of RNPW:  we ended our fiscal year with a total of 142 members in our organization!  We are trying to compile history of membership stats, but believe that this is one of the highest our membership has ever been!

Thank you to both the members that have been members for years and continually help in recruiting and encouraging other women to become part of this wonderful organziation!  Thank you also to many newer members that also felt so strongly about the impact of our organization that they too encouraged others to join!  That is a testament to the mission and vision of RNPW.

Thank you to the 43 members that have renewed during the summer!  For those that have not renewed, please do so NOW so that you can continue to enjoy the programming and member benefits of RNPW.  For those that joined April - June 2017, your dues cover until June 30, 2018.



Stephanie Grimm, Director Family Services

The Haven Network


Tami Kellerman, Development Manager

Agrace HospiceCare


Brandy Lavender, Account Executive

Gallagher Benefit Services


Abby Martin, Community Manager

American Cancer Society


Taunia May, Holistic Health Coach

Taunia May Services


Kathy Pittman, Director of Photography

The Haven Network


Sarah Worthylake




Kathy  Branning, VP Marketing/Fund Development

Remedies Renewing Lives


Jenny Clark-Herrington, Value Enhancement Manager

Carz 'R Us


Nichole Kunde, Event Coordinator

Mary's Market


Carol Walters, Owner

CW Business Services

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Member News

From Program Chairs:


Hello Everyone, 


We have a wonderful year planned for RNPW Programs.


Please come to the event on September 18 th at Mary's Market where we will share the theme for the year with a little skit. We will also announce the speakers we have lined up that night too.  Can't wait for this 2017-2018 year to begin.


Diane James - Members Alliance Credit Union

Maureen Solverson - American Solutions for Business




Consider advertising your business on  

Renewal is easy on


1)      Log in as a member



Choose the ad size and frequency you would like and submit payment information.  If you need to pay via check, please contact Sue Snyder for instructions:


What has gone on this summer in your life? career? 


Share any updates in your member profile so that members are able to view your most updated information in the member directory (member-only benefit).  ADD or UPDATE YOUR PICTURE, update your bio information with accomplishments, passions, inspirations, and anything else that you want the members to know about you and your business -- you are in control of your profile information.


Go to the Member Area tab on the left side of the website menu bars; LogIn (click forgot password and a new one will be sent to your primary email that is in your profile); click "Member Information Editor"; Update; Upload; Upsell as needed.


If there are any further questions or needs regarding your member profile and membership-related needs, please reach out to at any time.

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Website Tips and Tricks


MEMBER AREA of our website is one of the benefits of membership with RNPW:

  • Member Directory -- real-time information of all current members.  Search any way you want -- business category, last name, first name, company, etc.  Only need to type a few characters instead of the whole name. 


  • Member Information Editor -- this is where members can update their own profile.  Add your image, write your bio and this will all be seen in the online Member Directory by all members.  Be sure to click the SAVE button in any section that you update.


  • View My Order History -- members are able to see what meetings they have registered for in the past and in the future.  (To actually register, members need to click the "meetings" tab in the main menu and register as a member.  Guest registration is for guests only).


  • Member News -- any current member news that did not make it in the monthly newsletter.  Monthly newsletter and archives are found in the "about us" tab of the main menu (which can be seen by non-members as well).


  • Add Your News Here -- members can submit their news articles (no advertising) to be added to the newsletter or the Member News section.


  • Member Ad Opportunities -- choices of ad sizes and pricing for website advertising.  At the end of purchasing an ad, always click the "Return to Merchant" button for the transaction to display in your profile.


  • Job Board -- not activated yet.  Stay tuned.


  • Add a Prospect -- members can add information of prospects to that the membership chairperson can follow-up and assist in bringing new members to join RNPW. 


  • Surveys -- not activated yet.  Stay tuned.


  • Downloads -- membership documents.


If any further help is needed or suggestions to be offered, please email for assistance.


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Member Spotlight

Nancy Tracy - Serenity Hospice and Home


RNPW:  Tell us what you do at your job?

NT:  I  am  a  nurse  liaison for  Serenity  Hospice  and  Home. I  have  been  a nurse  for  35 years  and  have had  the  privilege  of  caring  for  patients  at  the  end  stage  of  life  for 34 years.

RNPW:  What other things do you enjoy doing?

NT:  I  enjoy  spending  time  with  my precious  husband  of  51  years,  my  family  and  friends. 

RNPW:  What was the reason that you joined RNPW?

NT:   The  women  I  know  who  are  members  are  so  impressive.  I  felt  this  would  be  a  great  networking  group. 

RNPW:  What would you say to others who are considering joining?

NT: RNPW is  an  impressive organization of  enthusiastic,  intelligent  and very  welcoming  women. 

RNPW:  Do you have a favorite quote or saying that you would like to share?

NT: Many  times  during  the  day I  say “  it’s  ok,  choose  joy”  It  truly  changes  my  thought,  especially  when I  am  concerned.   



NEW - Inspirations


Each month we will feature a short story about an RNPW member who inspires us.



Tracey Fults - Medicare 411

Medicare 411 came into being in April of 2017 out of love and need.  In February, Tracey was let go from a large insurance agency where she had been since 2009, building a new division specializing in Medicare and Individual Health.  Her last day was February 28 when she was asked to meet with the Sales Manager who told her her position was no longer needed.  After one night of feeling angry and hurt, Tracey and her business partner Brad Lewis made the decision to start their own business on March 1 - Medicare 411.  The company's business model is to provide expert, client-focused insurance advice to the Senior Market.  Since May of 2017, Medicare 411 has opened 2 locations in Rockford, one in New Milford, one in Roscoe with ten total agents so far in Illinois.  

Tracey's business motto is "Love What You Do" - and she does!



Do you know a member whose story inspires you?  Or  maybe you have an inspiring quote or thought to share.  Submit inspirations through the website:  Log in as a member and Add your News Here to send for an upcoming newsletter!

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