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What If....Mentoring Matters?

Shamika Williams is Founder of KFACTs and a Visionary
May 20, 2019 | 11:30 AM CDT

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April 2018 RNPW Newsletter Print

President's Message

On Easter Sunday morning, my dear friend, Dave, had a heart attack and died instantly. He was 56 years old and left a wife, five kids ages 18 to 30, and a whole community of people who knew and loved him. I sat with the family for several hours on Monday evening and listened to, through tears and laughter, the stories of Dave's antics and shenanigans. You see, Dave was larger than life with a grand sense of humor, and he had an uncanny gift of not caring what anyone thought. 
His kids talked about time suddenly drove the minivan off the driveway onto the four wheel trails. Other times, he would see how closely he could drive to mailboxes alongside the road without hitting them. When he got hot, he cut off the sleeves of his shirt instead of simply changing clothes and then he would embarrass them by wearing the shirt out in public. He would dance and be silly and have them paged over the intercom at Target. On the first day of Christmas break one year, he said to the family at 11:45 pm, “Wanna drive to Florida?” and in twenty minutes, they were packed up and on the road. His spontaneity and zest for life were contagious. One Christmas season, Cam and I were with them at the United Center for a concert, and a woman in front of us returned from the concession stand with a bowl of asian noodles. Cam said, “Hey Dave, I’ll give you five bucks if you ask that woman for a bite of her food,” and before the words were even out of his mouth, Dave leaned up and asked the woman if she would mind if he tried a bite of her food. She hesitantly said yes, and he proceeded to eat several bites! Cam never dared Dave again.
Dave’s hilarity was matched by his radically generosity. I think in the time we knew him, he gave away 6 different vehicles to people in need. One of them was a $50,000+ truck; so I’m not talking cheap junkers here. He was an extravagant gift giver, and he loved to give in bulk. I knew Dave when he had a ton and when he had less than a ton, and material possession simply did not have any control over him. He didn’t find his identity in what he owned, which is why it was so easy for him to give it away.  He loved his family like crazy, and he served everyone he met. To say he was a pillar of his community is an understatement. 
I write about Dave today because a) he is consuming my thoughts as I prepare to officiate his service (and I’m not good at faking an article about something else); b) it is a reminder that none of us know what tomorrow brings, so we should make today count and love the people in our life while we have the chance; and c) even though I am so so sad by his death, I am even more inspired by his life. When I think about him, I simultaneously well up with tears and laugh out loud. Dave leaves a legacy of living large, loving large, and taking risks. His life reminds me to loosen up a bit, have fun, be willing to break some rules (especially when it benefits others!), and be radically generous. Everything he did brought people joy, laughter, help, and hope, and if I can learn from his example, even a little, those around me will be richer for it. I am such a better person for having known Dave, for having worked with him, for having shared life with him. 
May we all be inspired to live our best life today, for today is all we’re promised.
With Joy,


Tiffany Staman



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Member News

RNPW Professional Development Day

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on April 11th from 7:30-11:00 at Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club for our 5th Annual Professional Development Day!  The theme this year is “A Leader’s Story Matters and…We Are All Leaders”.   Keynote speaker, Sharon Swing comes to us with a robust background in organizational development, Consulting & Executive Coaching.  This year’s workshop will include more than 50 young high school women.  It will be a day filled with learning, sharing, mentoring and investing a few hours in yourself!  See you then!


Partners In Kind – Pass it On! 

Partners in Kind (PIK) allows MembersAlliance Credit union to engage with members of our community, do something nice (buy their coffee, ice cream, or whatever), and encourage the recipients to pay it forward by passing the kindness on to someone else.

Watch our Facebook page for a Partners In Kind Campaign.  We’re hoping to  inspire kindness and promote local businesses in our community by having random drawings for gift cards for some of our favorite locally owned merchant partners.

We encourage you to take any opportunity you may be presented with to do something nice for someone, just because.  Don’t expect anything in return, just do it for the fun of it!


Attention: Marketers, Reps, Business Owners

Get Ready to ROCK your social media! - #SocialROCK2018 By Winnebago Buy Local


Monday, May 21st   9am - 4pm    Prairie Street Brewhouse

Register at 

GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET: (March 16 - May 1) $65.00 + Eventbrite's Fee

AMPLIFY your knowledge about Social Media at the 3rd annual one-day conference for local businesses; #SocialROCK - brought to you by Winnebago Buy Local.

The exciting conference will feature some of the most talented expert speakers from across the United States. FULL Schedule will be announced shortly, but don't delay on reserving your tickets.


Did you know?


Mission Statement

Rockford Network of Professional Women exists to encourage professional and personal growth for all women through education, mentorship, and networking in order to serve one another and our community.

Core Values
1. Hospitality
2. Inclusivity
3. Relational
4. Respectful
5. Inspirational
6. Positivty
7. Empowering
8. Growth



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Website Tips and Tricks

Update Your Member Profile AND Add or Update your HeadShot

-- Login to the "Member Area" of the RNPW website.
-- Click Member Information Editor (located on the left menu)
-- View the contact fields and update with correct information.  
-- Be sure to click "Save" after each section.
-- Add a second email and phone that is personal (you can choose to hide from member directory, but a secondary method of contact that is not business related is helpful for the Membership Chair in case a member changes jobs and work info becomes invalid).
-- Be sure to click "Save".
-- Email with any help needed.
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Calendar of Events

Register Today for these Upcoming Events:

May Luncheon - Perspective....A View from Lifelong Learners

May 21, 2018
11:30 AM CDT - 1:00 PM CDT

Forest Hills Country Club
5135 Forest Hills Road
Rockford , IL 61107
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Scholarship Panel



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Welcome New Members


Joyce Bain, Independent Distributor
SeneGence makers of Lipsense

Erin Erickson, Executive Director
Anam Campus and Satori Pathway

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Member Spotlight

Livia Bane

YWCA Northwestern Illinois Child Care Solution

RNPW:  Tell us about your business and what role you play in its success. 

LB:  I currently work as a Co-Director for YWCA Northwestern Illinois Child Care Solution's program where I oversee the childcare provider services program. This position allows me to assist roughly 1,000 child care providers further their professional development. The purpose of the provider services program is to enhance the quality of care for children in Illinois. Having the opportunity to influence the care children receive in our community brings me a great sense of accomplishment.

RNPW:  What are the other things outside of work that bring you joy?

LB:  My family brings me much joy. As the mother of 8 year old twins and a 6 month old, my free time is filled with family adventures and everyday comings and goings. When I get time to myself, I enjoy reading, blogging about topics that entice my passions, and being active (volleyball on the court, in the sand, or in the mud).

RNPW:  What things do you like best about RNPW?

LB:  What I like best about RNPW is that someone saw the value in gathering professional women together to share with each other and in each other. I like that even though I may be someone who works in the nonprofit world, RNPW allows me to meet women who work in all facets of professions, because ultimately we all serve the same community.

RNPW:  What one thing do you like best about Rockford?

LB:  What I like best about Rockford is that it has both rural and urban components. The Rock River Valley is a resourceful and varied community. I especially appreciate Rockford's investment in itself and our future!

RNPW:  What would you say to others who are considering joining?

LB:  Do it. As with anything, find the value that each opportunity can bring.

RNPW:  Share the name and author of the book that you are reading (or have read) that inspires you personally or professionally.

LB:  Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond. Although I do not work directly within the housing realm, having adequate, safe housing is an essential component for society. This book changed my outlook on what families need to be present and productive citizens. I used to think education was key or even the availability of food, but if you don't have a consistent home (in a consistent school zone) or have somewhere to put that food...where does this leave families? I would definitely suggest adding this book to your "to read" list, it takes a look at Milwaukee which has similar housing concerns as our own.


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