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April 2021 - Virtual Meeting - Resilience Recap

Fun and Interactive lunch hour sharing stories of Resilience
April 19, 2021 | 11:30 AM CDT

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Who among us knows a courageous woman working at least 40 hours a week, raising a family, volunteering in our community, and attending night classes on top of it all? She is anyone: your co-worker…mother… As most of us may wonder, “How does she DO it? And how can I help?”

Here is your opportunity!  Distribute this flyer to any woman you know that qualifies.

Every spring, RNPW offers an educational scholarship to a local woman seeking to advance her career. Recipients are 23 years of age or older and must use the funds toward a degreed program at an accredited institution such as Rock Valley College, Northern Illinois University, Rockford University, or others.

RNPW Scholarship Application Instructions.


For more information, contact [email protected].


Past Scholarship Recipients:

2020 - Christina Geiselhart

2019 - Deetra Sallis

2018 - Cally McNeely

2017 - Rebecca Frances

2016 - Robin Snodgrass

2015 - 

2014 - 

2013 - 

2012 - Kelly Clayton, Kathryn Gustafson

2011 - Sarah Reed McNamara

2010 - Brittany McCauley, Aimee Kuelling

2009 - Dorothy Reddic, Donna Jones

2008 - Donna Bileto, Lindsay Beranek

2007 - Jessica Elder

2006 - Laurie A Burnworth, Dr. Joan E Kole

2005 - Mary Cacioppi, Marcy Sylvester

2004 - Carol Ham, Dayle Paulson

2003 - Beth Costello, Barbara Fausett

2002 - Jill Bonk