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What If....We All Pitched In?

Nancy Kaney, Club Blue
January 21, 2019 | 11:30 AM CST

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December 2018 RNPW Newsletter Print

President's Message

With the busyness of the holiday season, it's hard for me to remember to pause and breathe.  There are many people less fortunate than all of us, and I know our members do more than most people during the year to help others.  Thank you for the way that you pour into our community.  Thank you for the hours and sweat equity that each of you invests every day.  Rockford is a better city because of all of you.


Last night, at our holiday party, we collected jeans, purses, and shoes for Goodwill.  These are actually items that they are always in need of.  When I cleaned out my closet, I found 6 pairs of shoes that were pretty dusty, and obviously haven't been worn in some time.  It's good to know that they will get some use now!


As I look ahead to the new year, I'm excited by what I see.  I think that many of us try to set resolutions or draft our business plans or marketing plans.  I'm praying daily for God to reveal what He has in store for me in 2019.  I pray also for each one of you.  That your holiday is filled with people you love and the opportunity to love on others as well.


Be blessed!



Michelle Bowman, Financial Advisor

Edward Jones

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Website Tips and Tricks

What are your 2018 goals/achievements that you have accomplished in your personal life? career?  Share your updates in your member profile so that members are able to view your most updated information in the member directory (member-only benefit).  ADD or UPDATE YOUR PICTURE, update your bio information with accomplishments, passions, inspirations, and anything else that you want the members to know about you and your business -- you are in control of your profile information.

Go to the Member Area tab on the left side of the website menu bars; LogIn (click forgot password and a new one will be sent to your primary email that is in your profile); click "Member Information Editor"; Update; Upload; Upsell as needed.

If there are any further questions or needs regarding your member profile and membership-related needs, please reach out to at any time.


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Calendar of Events

Save the Date:  

Wednesday, March 20th

RNPW Professional Development Workshop

Details will follow.....


January Luncheon Meeting:

What If....We All Pitched In?

January 21, 2019
11:30 AM CST - 1:00 PM CST

Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Club
5151 Guilford Road
Rockford, IL 61107
Venue website

Nancy Kaney, Club Blue



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Welcome New Members

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS in November 2018

Tammy Atterbury, Independent Consultant

Jayme Durkee, Business Coach
Jayme Durkee

Fil Marcial, Global Product Manager
Kester, an ITW Company

Rhonda Torossian, Owner
Pure Simple Self

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Member Spotlight


Jena Webber – Bodyworkshop LLC

RNPW:  Tell us about your business and what role you play in its success. 

JW:  My business is the Bodyworkshop LLC.  I am the created the concept of the Bodyworkshop to incorporate all of my “hats” that I wear in helping people move freely.  I am a personal pilates trainer, certified under Physical Mind Institute and Pilates Method Alliance.  I am a licensed massage therapist, specializing in Thai bodywork.  I also have a level 1 certification in Neurokinetic Therapy.  So, when a client comes to see me, I have a variety of ways that I can help them.  The more complex the problem, the more engaging the work is for me.  One of my long term goals is to develop a modality that combines some of each of these skills.


 RNPW:  What are the other things outside of work that bring you joy?

JW:  When I am not helping others, I enjoy making dinner for my family.  I have five children, two of which are still at home.  We are active in our church, Rock Valley Bible Church, and we enjoy working with young people during our Sunday night Bible studies. I also love to do some drawing and art projects, if I have time!



RNPW:  What things do you like best about RNPW?

JW:  I am very new to RNRW, but I have really enjoyed the two events that I’ve been to.  It inspires me to be with a group of ladies who are so motivated! I love the spirit of supporting each other—not competing with each other.  And the food and venues for the meetings have been nothing short of impressive!


RNPW:  What one thing do you like best about Rockford?

JW:  I love Rockford.  I did not grow up here, but we’ve been living here for 17 years, since my husband started working with Sundstrand.  I love the little pockets of greatness in the downtown area, the apple orchards in the fall, the Anderson Gardens, the community groups like the YMCA, the many churches that network together, the Music Academy, the production of Handel’s Messiah every year, the stroll on State Street, the Market Day, the living history in WWII days, and Mactown, the many great restaurants, the Rockford Airport, and how generally close to almost everything—Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison it is.  


RNPW:  What would you say to others who are considering joining?

JW:  If you have a business and you are woman, you should join this group.  It’s great to have a place to network with real life people.  We spend so much time trying to network online; it is good to put the computer down and meet some people! You never know if you might just meet your new best friend, or mentor, or mentee.


RNPW:  Share the name and author of the book that you are reading (or have read) that inspires you personally or professionally.


JW:  My husband and I are reading this book together: Ordering your Private World, by Gordon Mac Donald (  It has been helpful in helping us think clearer and discuss some deep issues, related to faith and practice.  I can always use a book that helps me think clearly!  




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RNPW Board Members Respond


With everyone's busy schedules, what is that ONE thing that you enjoy locally about the holidays.  That one place/event that you just always make the time for.

Michelle Bowman - Board Member, President:  I always enjoy petting the reindeer at Stroll on State.  This is a family tradition for us!

Lisa Radant - Board Member, Secretary:  One of my favorite things is the Festival of Lights at Sinnissippi Gardens.  It is always so much fun to drive through the park and ooh and aww all the colorful displays.

Cheryl Sio - Board Member, Policy: Stroll on State is magical for me.  Thanksgiving weekend is our official family kick-off to the Christmas season, and now we arrange our other traditions to allow plenty of time for this event.   For many years I’ve dreamed of living in a city with a thriving downtown.  I believe we  have that again in Rockford, and I’ll always treasure that first Stroll on State, which was a dream come true for me. 


Mary Ann Matus - Board Member, Awards:  One of my favorite local Christmas traditions is taking a drive with my family through Sinnissippi to see the Festival of Lights.  Every year, the 5 of us find time to load into the car with hot chocolate and drive through Sinnissippi.  My 3 girls “oh and ah” at each display and the look in their eyes is so magical.  I know that magic won’t last forever for them as they grow older but I have a feeling I will always still make them take this drive every Christmas season for years to come! 


Jocelyn Hare, Board Member, Vice-President:  I have been actively involved with Stroll on State for the past 5 years. This is one of my favorite city events. Planning and preparation for Stroll takes months and it is all over in just 7 hours. Their motto is “because 7 hours matters”. Stroll on State has brought life back to downtown and is a way to show our community how much we love them. This celebration will always be a part of my Thanksgiving tradition!

Sue Snyder, Board Member, Communications:  For me, I love all the area craft shows.  I'm preparing for Christmas as early as October by visiting and shopping for new items and gifts.  It helps me extend the season!  





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Thank you for reading!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!


Sue Snyder

Communications Chair, Rockford Network of Professional Women

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